Three Interior Design Tips That Can Help You Rise Above The Competition

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Hospitality designs, including restaurant and hotels interior designs, are getting increasingly creative. One particular restaurant, called Dinner in the Sky, does not even have a fixed location. Instead, diners can rent out the table for a one of a kind dining experience. “For diners who aren’t afraid of heights, try this 22-person table that will travel to you!” Woman’s Day explains. “While sitting 180 feet in the sky, your group will have a personal chef and waiter accompany you up in the air, combining the height of a sky scraper with a five-course gourmet meal.”

Break Out of The Mold

Thankfully, hotel and restaurant designers do not have to go to such extremes to catch people’s attention. Some of the best restaurant and hotel building designs simply run with an idea, stick to a theme, or try something new. This gives designers an incredible amount of leeway. Designs range from establishments with Southern style themes, historically and/or mythology based themes, such as Las Vegas hotels, Luxor and Excalibur.

Remember, It’s All In The Details

Many restaurant and hotel designers get so worked up about color schemes and furnishings, they forget about small — but equally important — details. Music and lighting, for example, can make all the difference — perfectly complementing your overall design or throwing it off-kilter. Complement dark and/or rich color schemes with dim lighting, for example. Dim lighting also helps diners feel more satisfied and satiated, according to new research.

Connect With Nature

If your hotel and/or restaurant is conveniently located near a view, do whatever you can to showcase it! People will show up just for the experience, and it’s a relatively simple design on your part. Infuse restaurants or lobbies with a few with large windows and a lot of natural lighting. Choose white, cool colors, or chromatic colors to help play up the natural lighting.

Interior design can make a big statement, with just a few careful details. The best restaurants and hotels interior design take advantage of what’s already there (usually a compelling view) and consider all details, including lighting and music.

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