Three Incredible Advantages of Switching to Lithium-Ion Forklift Batteries

Forklift battery carriage

Every warehouse needs forklift batteries in order to function. Without forklift batteries, there are no forklifts!

But did you know that there are alternative types of forklift batteries, and one in particular — the lithium-ion battery — could help improve your warehouse’s everyday operations significantly?

The advantages that lithium-ion forklift batteries have compared to the more traditional lead acid forklift battery are astounding. To know just how much better they can be for your warehouse efficiency, here are the top three benefits of switching over to lithium-ion forklift batteries:

Increased energy efficiency

Lithium-ion batteries boast something that no lead acid battery can — energy efficiency. This is because the lithium-ion battery doesn’t require a special charging schedule to extend its lifespan, and can last longer on a single charge than a lead acid battery can. When efficiency is one of the top concerns at any warehouse, investing in the lithium-ion battery is a great way to achieve it.

Lower maintenance

Some of the most common gripes among warehouse personnel are the lead acid forklift battery washing and charging procedures — as they must be conducted often and are both time-consuming and unsafe. However, the lithium-ion battery doesn’t have to undergo as much forklift battery washing or maintenace, which in turn helps increase battery room safety for all personnel.

Longer lifespan

Lithium-ion technology also allows for forklift battery life that’s much longer than a lead acid battery would be able to sustain. While the average lead acid battery will last for about 1,000 charge cycles — usually around five years — a lithium-ion forklift battery lasts for approximately 1,900 charges. That’s nearly twice the lifespan, and more than makes up for lithium-ion batteries’ higher upfront costs.

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