Three Important Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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When it comes to marketing your company in the modern age, it likely seems that your only option is to hire a digital marketing firm. After all, with so many different and constantly evolving aspects associated with the online marketing industry, ranging from search engine optimization (SEO) to social media marketing, how can a busy business owner keep up? This logic isn’t wrong: hiring internet marketing firms to help you with website design and hosting, SEO, content marketing and more can be extremely effective, helpful and convenient. However, there are a number of things a business can do to complement the work a digital marketing firm is doing. This is especially true when it comes to social media. While a number of marketing companies offer services for this increasingly popular form of branding and advertising, there is no reason you shouldn’t be involved. Read on to learn a few steps you can use to make your business’s social network a success.

Be Consistent and Regular
Businesses should post on social media frequently while also striving to create a comprehensive and uniform brand identity. Experts estimate that this translates into five to 10 posts a week on Facebook, five tweets a day on Twitter, and one post a day on LinkedIn and Google+. If you’re having trouble making time for this or coming up with consistent content, it may be advisable to hand the account over to your digital marketing firm.

Focus on the Customer
While most companies use their social media solely for promotional purposes, true success comes from engaging with your customer base. Make sure you find and share interesting content and respond to users’ complaints, questions and more. Don’t forget to mix in promotional content, but don’t let it overwhelm your company’s identity.

Experiment With Different Features
This means trying out different sites, but also using features that have been made available to businesses on sites you likely already use. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all offer paid solutions that allow you to promote certain posts, find leads and track engagement. Playing around with these features can lead to a strategy that works for you.

Online marketing can be complicated. However, by working alongside your digital marketing firm, you can create a strategy that helps your business engage with your customer base and convert casual viewers into dedicated clients. This is especially true for social media, one of the most direct ways businesses can connect with interested consumers. Try the steps above today to improve your social media efforts!


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