Three Essential Components of Any Server Rack Cabinet

Server rack shelf

Any business, whether it’s an IT startup or a multi-billion dollar corporation, will need to have its own servers to store data, including employee and customer information, financial records, databases, and more. These servers need to be stored securely in server enclosures, so they can stay functioning and not cause downtime for a business. For the most part, these businesses will seek out server rack cabinets to hold one or more of these powerful computers.

Businesses can’t afford to select just any server rack enclosures, however. There are several components to consider before buying any enclosure. Here are three essential components that a great server rack cabinet should provide for IT equipment in any industry:

    1. Cooling Capabilities: It’s easy for IT equipment to overheat, especially something like a server, which is in constant use. Make sure that you have an enclosure with a server rack cooling system to allow for ventilation and temperature control. The room you place your server in should also have some kind of temperature regulation to keep the room consistently cool.

    2. Protection from Dust: When dust gets into a server, it can easily destroy the inside of it and cause problems for everyone. Servers should be kept in a clean room, if possible, which is a dust and dirt-free environment. If not, however, any cool, dry, and clean place should work. In addition to protecting a server from dust, a server enclosure should also offer protection from moisture. Make sure that your server is in a dry environment that will stay free of water, mold or mildew, and other contaminants.

    3. Room for Expansion: If you plan on expanding your business, you may want to think about how that will affect your server. Make sure, if possible, that your server rack has additional shelving, so you can easily add more servers later. If your business require multiple server cabinets, then make sure to buy additional enclosures for the future.

Have more questions about finding the right server rack cabinets for your business? Find a company that specializes in providing businesses with these solutions. You can leave a comment for any general questions or suggestions.

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