Three Advantages of Investing in a Forklift Battery Wash Cabinet at Your Warehouse

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The forklift battery washing process is essential to ensuring optimal forklift battery life and protecting the several-thousand-dollar investment that is a forklift battery.

But if your warehouse still relies on manual forklift battery washing, it may be time to consider the benefits of switching to a machine that can do the work of washing these batteries instead of making warehouse personnel wash them.

You might even be surprised at how many reasons there are that show why every warehouse should invest in a forklift battery wash cabinet. Here are just three:

Improved safety

Working around forklift batteries can be extremely dangerous, even when the right precautions are taken. If a worker hand-washes a forklift battery, he or she is still susceptible to the dangers of chemical spills or inhaling the gas that escapes from the battery. By using a battery wash cabinet instead, these hazards can be bypassed entirely.

A more efficient use of company time and money

Having employees wash each forklift batteries can eat up valuable hours of their workday. And when time is money for your company’s bottom line, letting a battery wash cabinet take the washing work off employees’ hands is a great choice. They will be free to perform other duties of their job while the wash cabinet does the rest.

A well-washed battery each time

Washing the sulfuric acid off the outside of a forklift battery is essential for preserving battery life and making sure the battery will continue to hold a charge. So if your workers miss a spot, it could gradually wear down the lifespan of a forklift battery. Make sure each battery is cleaned thoroughly each time by investing in a wash cabinet!

Does your warehouse already have a forklift battery wash cabinet? How else has it benefitted your warehouse efficiency and warehouse organization? Share with us by leaving a comment.

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