This AC Setting Could Save You Money – Family Game Night

m wisely. This should not be confused with having it all off. The primary function of an air conditioner is to cool you down. In this video, we will demonstrate how AC businesses suggest you use your AC system for savings.

Another trick that can help you lower your monthly AC bill. This trick is to switch the AC’s “auto” setting to an “on” option. This setting is confusing to all people. Many people believe that this setting implies that the AC will regulate the temperature in a controlled manner. In fact, this setting actually controls the blower. For some thermostats that are modern, this setting is identified as “air circulation” on the control panel. The fan is responsible to circulate air throughout the home. This is especially important if you own a two-story house. In the event that it is not, the heat will be pushed up into the second floor, which will lead to a large difference in temperature. To make sure your home stays more comfortable, make sure that the air conditioner is on all the time.


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