There is Much to Gain from a Load Board Throughout All Steps of Your Business

With freight transportation being one of our nation’s largest industries, there are about 12 million trucks, vessels, rail cars, and trains on the move every day. Many truckers and others are owner operators, in need of finding their own loads and the help of load boards is a beneficial tool.

What is a Load Board?

There are a number of different software programs and websites that serve as load boards where work can be found for companies that work in the transportation industry. For company owners and managers, there is often a need to search for work and the benefit of a load board or load board integration to your own CRM provides great assistance to the workflow. Some of the following types of software are often used for integration of load boards:

  • TMS systems
  • TMS with load board integration
  • TMS with macropoint integrated
  • Transportation broker software
  • Load broker software
  • Freight broker software
  • Freight management software
  • Broker software
  • Broker system
  • Broker TMS software
  • Searching for Loads

    As any other business owner knows, the first step to making money is finding business. When you are in the transportation industry that business is the acquisition of loads. Different types of shipments are needed for customers, and you may not be able to meet all of their needs, and these boards help you search for the specific work that you can complete with quality. The load board works similarly to an online search engine where you look for information, or other online database and reference tools that are used in other industries.

    Just like any other industry, there is much to gain from the ability to access business online, and even to integrate an online database to the software program that you use for client records. If you are looking to market your transportation business by email or other methods then there is a great deal to gain from integrating a load board to your existing database and pulling in the information from those potential clients that are looking for transportation services. All it takes is a little research on these boards to help narrow down the list of those who will benefit the most from your services and those who will respond the best to your communication. So, take a few minutes to locate the most valuable load board for your needs and the business could start flooding in.

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