The Truth On Managed Services Benefits

The expansion of technology that society has witnessed over the past ten years has brought about great changes. However, there are some changes that are not necessarily beneficial to everyone involved. As a matter of fact, technology has brought forth some danger in terms of protecting the information of businesses.

Less than 40% of organizations conduct full-network active vulnerability scans more than once per quarter. These types of activities are essential when it comes to protecting the important information of a business. If managed services benefits are not used properly, businesses can fall victim to cyber hacks and attacks. Here are some facts about managed services benefits:

A 2015 survey reported that 66% of businesses surveyed used an outside IT firm in the previous year. This is one of many managed services benefits, having a team that can help with technology. It will help keep a business running in the instance that there are any technical issues.

For 38% of companies of all sizes, enhanced security and compliance were the reason for using a managed services provider. So this includes not just small businesses that are vulnerable to cyber attacks and hacking but also large-scale corporations. Enhanced security and compliance are just two of the managed services benefits available to businesses.

In a survey of over 400 managed service providers, 62% of respondents reported that cloud was a top concern for them. The cloud is not a reference to weather but instead deals directly with technology. So make sure that your business is protected if you utilize a cloud that stores documents that are private.

On average, the cost of a data breach reached $3.5 million since 2014, an increase of 15%. This is exactly why business computer support, reliable managed services, and managed services benefits are important. This total sum of money is incredibly expensive, to say the least.

For 31% of impacted businesses, security breaches caused more than 8 hours of downtime. This period of downtime is going to cost the business a lot of money. As previously mentioned, this money can potentially be incredibly expensive and dangerous to the bottom line of businesses.

The amount of devices that connect to the internet is expected to rise from about 13 billion to 50 billion by 2020. while this is great in terms of more accessible for businesses, it is dangerous for all of the reasons previously listed. So as there are more and more devices hooked up to the internet, there need to be more types of managed services benefits.

The managed security services market is expected to almost double by 2020, from $17.02 billion to $33.68 billion. Over half, which equates to nearly 55%. of small to medium-sized businesses were victims of cyber attacks within the last 12 months. So it is important for these businesses to seek out the managed services benefits because they have a lot to lose in these types of situations.

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