The Truth About Server Enclosures

Server rail kit

It?s been estimated that the computer server manufacturing industry generates $14 billion in revenue annually. Yet at the same time, the population at large knows surprisingly little about this industry and the services it provides. Few in fact even know about the existence of things like server rail kits and server enclosures, not to mention what exactly they do. By spreading the word about racks and enclosures, the industry can inform potential clients about the differences between good products and bad ones, and what they should purchase to suit their specific needs.

What Are Server Rail Kits? What Is A Server Enclosure?

Rack enclosures in general, as well as server rail kits, are all part of the general products meant to protect servers from everything from direct physical damage to environmental dangers. Their role is incredibly important to companies that rely upon computers, because if a server ?crashes?, the computer system risks losing massive amounts of data. These racks range in size, though a single 19 or 23 inch rack can hold anywhere from 42 to hundreds of different servers. A single rack ?unit? is the equivalent of 1.75 inches, and they are measured in multiples of ?U?, with desktop rack servers variants ranging from 5U to 20U.

What Makes Server Rack Accessories So Important?

For one thing, servers are actually incredibly delicate. Some server cabinets are actually climate-controlled to keep servers from overheating. OpenXtra advises that server room temperatures should not go below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and shouldn?t exceed 82 degrees Fahrenheit. A climate-controlled server cabinet ensures that neither of these events transpires, with most server rooms operating in temperatures ranging between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. All of this is vital to remember, because between 2005 and 2010 alone, sever energy use in the U.S. rose by 36%. A faulty server rack or cabinet, resulting in a broken or damaged server, could have catastrophic results for any data-reliant company.

Are There More Affordable Ways To Acquire Server Cabinets And Racks?

Some balk at the prices attached to server enclosures, especially when buying them in bulk. Luckily, there are alternatives available. Finding used server cabinets for sale is easier than some might imagine, and allows clients to both save money and recycle. Some of these used products come refurbished, with virtually no differences between a ?used? product and a new one. They will function just as they would have if they were fresh off the supply line. Many of these products can be bought alongside other used and refurbished computer products, and even computers themselves.

Products like server racks and cabinets must be bought; they are not optional. What?s crucial is that one knows what one is looking for, buying the right products and at the best possible value.

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