The Top Three Reasons You Should Consider Shipping Goods Overseas in Planes

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International purchasing agents are responsible for the transportation of a great deal of product over a great deal of distance, most often in planes and boats. When you consider air and ocean logistics, though, air cargo just makes more sense. Here are three reasons you should ship in a cargo plan rather than on a boat:

1. It’s Quicker

When you ship your goods in an American air cargo plane rather than via sea freight shipping, the cargo is able to travel in a direct line between the two points. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and planes aren’t too shabby when it comes to travelling speed, so when it comes to timeliness, you really can’t beat air freight. As an international purchasing agent, quick deliveries will only lead to more efficient production, and that is certainly a desirable outcome.

2. It’s Safer

When anything is shipped, even in door to door transport, there is a certain amount of risk to the product. The longer that product is on the road being transported, or on the ocean as the case may be, the greater that risk becomes. By having a swifter journey, there is less risk to the goods being purchased and therefore less wasted money on defective product. Essentially, air freight is just more cost effective.

3. It’s Greener

Because air freight has less frequent stops and is quicker all together, you can afford to skimp a bit on its packaging. It doesn’t have to be quite as sturdy as it would have to be in a sea voyage. Because of that, you can dress up the packages in recycled boxes and bags. Just because you’re trying to make a profit for your company doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the environment to do it! What do you think about air fare? Read more:

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