The Top 3 Things You Should Know About Office Cleaning Services

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A clean space … whether an office space or a gym … is vital to creating a positive environment. For example, it’s not difficult to understand why a dirty office would lead to unhappy office workers; and unhappy office workers don’t turn in good job performances. Equally understandable is the reason why 72% of American adults wouldn’t exercise in a gym with dirty equipment. Yet, just as important as a clean space is a space cleaned with green products. If considering hiring cleaning services, here are a few things to consider.

1. The Benefits Of Green Cleaning Services Are Numerous

Often, whether choosing office cleaning services or gym cleaning services, we focus more on the end result and not the products being used. In fact, there are many important health benefits to using green cleaning products over synthetic chemicals. Out of the 17,000 petrochemicals used for home cleaning alone, only 30% have been tested for the effects of their exposure to humans and the environment. Yes, the environment is at risk when synthetic materials are used as well. Chemical … based cleaning products are responsible for indoor air pollution levels being 100 times higher than outdoor air pollution levels. Imagine what damage these chemicals can to do people’s health and the environment. These are long … lasting effects, and everyone deserves better.

2. Cleaning Doesn’t Have To Be Disruptive

An excuse some managers give for not hiring cleaning services or even basic janitorial services is that they’re disruptive to work productivity or customers. This is far from the case. Most office cleaning services, for example, work second or third shift. This means that the cleaning is done when most if not all employees are gone, and disruptiveness is not a factor. Gym cleaning and even church cleaning can also be done when visitors are gone, and nobody has to be the wiser. The only sign that the “cleaners” have been by will be the fresher, cleaner environment that everyone will enjoy.

3. A Clean Space Is A Healthy Space

It goes without saying that a dirty gym can come with plenty of health risks. But did you know that 71% of office workers believe that dirty offices have made them sick in the past? This is why office cleaning services … and all cleaning services, in fact … are so important. Should office workers get sick due to dirty workspaces, not only is this simply unacceptable, but it hinders work production. To put it frankly, a clean office not only affects the office worker, but their bosses.

Remember: cleaning should not be viewed as an option but a necessity, especially where public places are concerned. If health concerns don’t convince you, then the matter of dignity should. Take pride in your business, and make sure it’s properly cleaning.

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