The Three Keys For Smart Web Design

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It has become a necessary endeavor for businesses to have an online presence. Consumers like to research products and services before making a final purchase, and websites make this easier to accomplish than ever. To have some measure of control over what information the potential customer is receiving, businesses should have a website that is informative, easy to navigate, and uses good internet marketing. For a small business web design is just as important, if not more so than in a franchised business. It can be detrimental for a smaller business to lose a potential customer, and it is frankly unfortunate when it is over something as easily fixable as a website. Read below on how to avoid a few common pitfalls.

The Best Internet Marketing Is Not Straightforward Marketing.

Do you get e-newsletters sent to your inbox each week? These weekly reads are actually a form of marketing, as are videos uploaded to Youtube, posts on social media, and articles on popular blogs that focus on a specific product or service. These snippets of dialogue are truly some of the best internet marketing tools because it seems natural, by allowing people to arrive at the information by their own choice. Loud advertisements are ignored; information you seek out is remembered.

Good Web Design: Simplicity Plus Navigability=Customer Approved.

The best websites make things as easy as possible for the visitor. It does not matter if the site is a big or small business web design matters. This includes a site map or tool bar that is easy to navigate, easy to read text, and for increased marketing, a place to sign up for newsletters. There is a law for this, put into words by Stephen Krug, that “the first law of usability” is people want to think as little as possible online. To put it another way, people do not want to work for the information they are looking for. The goal is to allow customers to find what they are looking for quickly, and to be allowed to reach out again and again to remind them of the product or service.

Provide the Right Content For Visitors To Scan.

Most people do not exactly read the information they find online: they scan it instead. Time is money, it seems. This is why it is important to be brief, yes, but to also provide information in a way that is direct and easy to understand. Search engine optimization, or SEO content, has the benefit of fulfilling those two requirements while also making it easier for people to find the content online.

Whether big or small business web design, there are three key points to remember. Firstly, people want a simple, easy to navigate site. Secondly, the content needs to be informative, and because people like to scan the text quickly, the pages need to have a simple layout. Add SEO content, a weekly or monthly newsletter, and your marketing game will be strong.


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