The Innovative Construction of Bing Concert Hall

Commercial construction management

Remodeling a property or building a new one requires lots of work from different teams. One of the most important of these is the commercial construction group, which is responsible for planning and overseeing commercial building construction. Big construction companies usually have wide and varied experience with commercial and residential construction and they are able to help clients plan and execute their dream plans for a new space. Local construction companies are critical in creating the look and feel of a town because they help to build it up from nothing.

The most innovative projects today are completed by some of the most talented and creative commercial construction groups. Engineering News-Record selected the best projects in 2013, and among the top choices was the Bing Concert Hall at Stanford University. Completing the project took a team of people, including designers, three specialized engineers, the owner, and a commercial construction group. Here’s an overview of what the outcome was when all these experts came together to build a unique and progressive building.

An intimate setting for arts performances

  • Bing Concert Hall has 842 seats that are organized in a unique way to increase viewers’ ability to connect with the performance.
  • The seats are arranged in a modern and eye catching way — there are several terraces that utilize every inch of space in the concert hall.
  • Seats are all within 75 feet of the conductor and a greater percentage of them are at stage level, which offers more audience members the chance to truly enjoy the exceptional shows put on at Bing Concert Hall.

Specialized and highly advanced acoustics

  • Bing Concert hall has the latest technology that gives the best acoustics for the most memorable and breathtaking performances.
  • The ceilings are 48 feet high, which means the entire space is almost 700,000 cubic feet of volume. This allows optimal movement of sound so even the farthest member of the audience gets a crystal clear representation of what’s going on onstage.
  • There are nine acoustic panels specially designed to reflect sound. The largest one weighed 8,000 pounds.
  • Each panel was uniquely designed to maximize sound quality. They were curved and placed in carefully planned spots so their position relative to the audience, stage and each other was perfect.

The latest in construction technology

  • The curved panels that optimized acoustics were difficult to install. Traditional construction techniques and measurement rely on flat walls and right angles as an integral part of determining materials and position of pieces.
  • Because it is difficult to accurately measure circular surfaces in such large places, the team utilized modern laser technology to guide them in determining precisely where to place each panel.
  • The largest acoustic panel, at 8,000 pounds and 43 ft by 51 ft, required special advanced equipment to install. It was so heavy that even the strongest construction workers couldn’t carry it.
  • Bing Concert Hall has been recognized by the world’s leading experts on construction, acoustics and engineering for breaking barriers and creating an innovative space for performances. The intimate venue has been praised for the incredibly bold and lively sound quality, and it has been referred to as being the best place in the world to see a performance. Read more.

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