The Importance of Thermal Spray Coatings

Hard chrome plating

A lot goes into the design of almost anything you use on a daily basis. Take your vehicle for example. Your vehicle is made up of hundreds of smaller parts. Each of these parts were carefully planned and designed for the best functionality. Each of the individual parts were molded and shaped into what they are now. Finally, each of the metal pieces was then coated to have the ability to withstand weather, pressure and wear and tear. Metal is known to be a durable and strong piece of equipment. The thermal spray coatings on the metal add to their durability and strength.

There are different types of coatings and different levels of metal coating. The best type of coating or the specific type of coating that is used on one item will depend on its need for durability and strength. Obviously, a metal piece on a car is outdoors for much of the time. It will be exposed to extreme heat and extreme cold. It may also be exposed to a lot of moisture, from rain and snow. The metal piece, depending where it is on the car may be an important part in protecting other parts of the vehicle. For these reasons, the thermal spray coatings are not only necessary, but are very important.

Introduced by Duralar Technologies in 2012, Duralar is an advanced, uniquely structured nanocomposite coating that blends metal and diamond based components to achieve exceptional hardness, toughness, strength and a spectrum of performance qualities. This unique coating on the metal pieces is ideal for the most extreme of conditions, including the ones that the metal pieces on your vehicle must withstand. Thermal spray coatings must protect the metal pieces in the most extreme of conditions and Duralar is advanced enough to do just this.

Thermal spray coatings are applied similar to paint coatings are. They are very similar. The largest segment of the paint industry produces architectural coatings, including consumer paints, which make up more than half of the total coatings produced annually in the United States. In 2014, the industry shipped more than 720 million gallons of architectural coatings, with a value of $10.6 billion. The paint industry is an important one in our country, and it is important to choose a thermal spray coating company that is familiar with the paint industry.

Different chemicals make up the thermal spray coatings. The hard coatings are made with a variety of chemicals that are mixed for strength and durability. With Galvanized substrates, the greater the amount of zinc means the greater the protection against panel corrosion. Two commonly used Galvanized substrates are designated as G100 and G60. These are two of the stronger and more durable spray coatings. Metal coatings may also come in a variety of other wear coatings materials. Each of these coating chemical ingredients is tested for the purpose of durability and strength. They are constantly being monitored and further tested to ensure that they are the best chemical ingredient that is available for its purpose.

A lot goes into the design of a vehicle. Think about the many parts that make up the vehicle. Even the smallest of metal pieces that do not seem very important take a lot of design and testing. Additionally, metal pieces need to be protected, so they have further protect other parts of the vehicle. Metal parts are generally protected with some type of thermal spray coatings. These coatings may come in a variety of materials, depending on their specific purpose. They may also be varying degrees of thickness, depending on the specific function of the individual part.

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