The Importance Of The Upholstery Industry In The United States

From white drapes for a wedding to drapes for a church stage backdrop to drapes that block all light (perfect for a bedroom, hotel or otherwise), there is a bigger market for draperies and other important yet often overlooked pieces of furniture and home decor than the average person and consumer might realize. In fact, within the next year, 2019, the global furniture industry is expected to have a value of nearly seven hundred billion dollars, and the furniture industry in the United States alone has continued to climb at a rate of six to seven percent on a yearly basis.

White drapes for a wedding and other draperies are considered to be a part of the upholstery industry, an off shoot of the overall furniture industry, both domestically and globally. The upholstery industry is particularly popular for those in need of drapes, either white drapes for a wedding or satin drapery to elevate the overall appearance of your home to the next level. From sheer drapes to satin drapes, the upholstery industry is expected to be worth more than fifteen billion dollars by 2020, just less than two short years from now. This marks a rise of more than two billion dollars since the year of 2013.

As the upholstery industry encompasses everything from white drapes for a wedding to material for ceiling drapes to formal theater drapes, it has a profoundly positive effect on the economy in the United States, as well as in the realm of job creation and employment rates. In fact, nearly one billion dollars worth of window treatments alone were sold all across the United States in 2017 alone, and there are currently more than thirty thousand jobs held by workers in the upholstery industry. As drapes and other upholstery items are always in demand, these jobs are often stable and held by skilled workers who have been employed in the industry of upholstery for many years and will be for many more.

There are many uses for drapes and curtains, as well as upholstery in general. In fact, white drapes for a wedding have become particularly popular. They can be used as decorative accents in many ways, both during the ceremony as well as the reception. Some people choose to use them to add an ethereal and romantic feel to the walls, draping them and backlighting them with colored lights. Others use them as chair covers or table cloths and still more will use them to adorn the arch that the couple gets married under.

But weddings are not the only time that drapes and curtains are used – in fact, far from it. Theater draping and theater drapes are also immensely popular, as curtains have many uses both in set design and for the main curtain. Upholstery is also often seen in church settings, typically used as a church backdrop to enhance the overall atmosphere of the church itself and to lend a certain quality to a particular service.

No matter what you use curtains for, be it for practical purposes or decorate ones, draperies and the upholstery industry as a whole have become very successful in all places in the United States. Curtains have been proven to have many uses, from simple privacy devices in a private home or residence to decorative accents for weddings and churches alike. Draperies are an important aspect of decor that many overlook, but white drapes for a wedding can add a certain aesthetic appeal that can be difficult to find elsewhere.

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