The Importance of Shipping Insurance

Private shipping insurance

The emergency and popularity of the internet has caused an increase in virtual businesses. Businesses now have the ability to sell their goods and services over the internet. They can cut business costs by not staffing employees, paying storefront prices, and having the ability to work any hours they desire. This new business model also allows smaller businesses to sell their products to anyone, anywhere in the country. When they receive an order, they simply select the item and then ship it to the buyer?s address. It is important, however, to ensure that your delivery service is reliable, safe, and durable. Consider the following to ensure that your products are shipped safely.

High quality shipping materials Some business owners may attempt to cut costs on their shipping materials in order to gain more profits. This can actually be a mistake and can lead to added and unexpected costs. If your item does not arrive safely to the buyer, you may be required to refund their costs or to ship them an item that is in better condition. Shipping your items with high quality items can save you from this added trouble. Use boxes that are strong and easily sealable. Use bubble packaging, even for the smallest and non fragile items. Your customers will also appreciate the extra care that you took to ensure their item got their in one piece.

Use extra tape Boxes and packages that are not properly taped are likely to get ripped or to be opened. Even going with a secure delivery service is not enough if you do not properly secure your items. Tape the opening of your box and reinforce all seams with 2 inch wide tape. Use clear or brown packaging tape, reinforced packing tape, or paper tape. Do not worry about too much tape, as most customers will be okay with removing additional tape, as long as their product arrives in one piece.

Research your shipping options There are a few different shipping couriers that you can use for your businesses shipping needs. Domestic shipping rates will depend on the size of your item, the speed of the delivery, and the specific courier service that you use. You can usually find domestic shipping rates by visiting the online store of the shipping courier that you are interested in. Some shipping companies may even provide you with small business discounts, if you have large amounts of items shipping. However, generally speaking for domestic shipping rates, Fed Ex is cheaper than UPS and USPS for packaging exceeding 3 pounds.

Always get package insurance Even with the highest quality of shipping materials and a properly taped package, accidents do happen. Sometimes items get completely lost. Shipping with insurance is often a minimally added cost that is worth it. If the item never reaches your buyer, you can submit a claim with your shipping courier, who will then cover the costs of shipping and replacement. Inquire about bulk small package insurance rates with your shipping company.

It is also important to understand the shipper?s insurance claim process. Some have requirements for claims and most have time limits on insurance claims. Some insurance providers give you only a few days to discover the damage and file a claim, while other insurers offer 30 days to report damage from the time the shipment arrives at its destination. It is beneficial to understand the insurance policy, so you can pass this information along to your buyer.

The internet has made it possible to run businesses entirely virtually. You can sell items from almost anywhere on the internet, providing your products to people all over the world. For the most efficient business plan, you will want to understand your shipping options. Choose a shipping company that is affordable, but that is also secure. Domestic shipping rates will vary, but safe arrival of packages is more important to your businesses success. Package your products with the best packaging materials and tape any ends. Always opt in for package insurance, as replacements can get expensive. Understand your packaging insurance options and the claims process for the most secure and reliable shipping service.

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