The Importance of Document Shredding

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Document shredding services destroy paper documents by cutting, or shredding, the paper into very small strips or pieces. The paper is shred in such a way as to make reassembly nearly impossible. There are two main reasons why homes and businesses take advantage of secure shredding services, to prevent identify theft and to securely dispose of documents containing sensitive, confidential information. Document shredders used in homes or professional paper shredding services can range in size from that of a small garbage can to a large disposal bin.

Identity theft is at an all time high, with several large retail giants and their customers suffering the devastating effects of data breaches in recent news. If it can happen to a retailers as large as Target and Home Depot, it can easily happen to average American consumer or local “Mom and Pop” business.

In fact, small businesses are often targeted by data thieves and hackers, as do not have the encryptions set in place that larger retailers have. Additionally, the internet has made if easier for hackers to gain access to the personal information of homes and businesses. Identity and data theft is a multibillion dollar industry. All it takes is one or two pieces of personal information left in a garbage bin to steal or recreate an identity.

How can homes and businesses avoid a data breach? In addition to document shredding services, consider document scanning solutions. Document scanning allows homes and businesses to have a digital copy of a document, which allows the physical, paper to be disposed of properly. Having a digital copy of the document is not only more secure, but much more practical.

However, it is best not to take chances when disposing of personal documents. Many companies offering document shredding services also offer on site shredding services as an added measure of security and convenience. Documents can safe properly disposed of on site, without having to be brought to another location.

Don’t fall victim to data breach. Take measures today to ensure your private information is disposed of, and stored, securely.

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