The Growth Of The Internet And The Success Of Email Around The World

The internet has really taken off in the last twenty or so years, and has become useful to most of us on a daily – or even hourly – basis. We can now work from our homes thanks to the internet, and a huge wealth of information is available to practically everyone, ready at the tips of our fingers. The internet provides information but it provides important platforms as well, such as Google Drive, that make storage endless and documents immediately backed up and nearly impossible to accidentally lose or delete. It provides communities that many people thrive in, and connects us to people – friends, employers, and family alike, all over the world. In fact, currently more than three billion people use the internet in all places of the world, and that number will only continue to grow with the years.

Though text messaging and other forms of communication have grown more popular, particularly in the last few years, email has remained a cornerstone of internet communications. From a Microsoft exchange alternative to various email hosting platforms, there’s more to consider than meets the eye when it comes to email. To give a brief example, not all email servers are created equal, and many people are looking for a Microsoft exchange alternative. For the purpose of a business email, a Microsoft exchange alternative is ideal, as a Microsoft exchange alternative is often likely to run more smoothly and be considerably more versatile and for a business email, versatility and ease of use are often key. Email solutions for small businesses are needed by many, and one way to decided on a Microsoft exchange alternative is to not only try out different email platforms, but to read online reviews of various server options.

Email users, much like internet users in general, have continued to grow as email platforms become more advanced, developed, and comprehensive than ever before. Though there are nearly two hundred and fifty million email users today, by 2020, less than two years from now, that number is expected to grow by at least ten million. And these numbers just represent email users in the United States. Around the entire world, there are more than three billion people with email addresses, and that number is anticipated to rise to more than four billion within the next five or so years (by 2022).

Email can be useful for a number of purposes. First, email is commonly used for everyday communications. Before the widespread use of smartphones, email often functioned as texting does today, as a quick and relatively simple way to send messages to friends and family members. Though many people still use emails for this purpose even today (particularly those who have not yet made the switch to a smart phone), many have switched to using emails primarily for business purposes. Email communication is typically viewed as one of the most professional ways to contact employees and employers, and is the standard for business communications. Therefore, small business email platforms are of a great importance, and many small business owners as well as employees are looking for a Microsoft exchange alternative.

Unfortunately, the system of emails is not entirely problem free. Spam emails present a considerable problem for many email users, as spam mail is as much as sixty percent of all emails sent around the world, particularly in the United States. This means that spam mail makes up nearly fifty percent of all emails sent ever. Spam email can be relatively benign (though annoying and often disruptive) like advertisements, but it can also include scams that nearly eighty percent of all companies in the United States have fallen victim to at some point or another.

There’s not one ideal way to combat spam mail, but choosing the right email platform with the ideal spam blocking services can help to make a start in weeding through your spam mail and hopefully reducing harm when it comes to scams sent through spam, particularly for small businesses around the country. Spam mail can be harmful, but it certainly doesn’t need to be the end of the world.

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