The Four Dirtiest Places in Your Local Gym

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Fitness centers are notorious for harboring germs simply because of the environment. Warm moist environments welcome germs and a person touching many surfaces repeatedly increases the chance of spreading these germs from one place to another. Fitness center cleaning services offer routine cleaning of gyms and fitness centers to help reduce the spread of these germs and bacteria. Although fitness center cleaning reduces the spread of germs and bacteria, it doesn’t eliminate them. Knowing the germiest places in your local gym will help users take necessary precautions before and after entering those areas or using the equipment.

Locker Room

A locker room is perfect breeding ground for bacteria. The danger starts with the floor in this area. People are tracking germs and bacteria in and out on the bottom of their shoes. The benches in the locker room are not much better. Never expose bare skin to these and always wash hands thoroughly with warm soapy water after touching them.

Cardio Machines

Cardio machines are probably the most cleaned exercise equipment in gyms, but this does not mean they are not some of the dirtiest places. Sweat carries many bacteria and these bacterial spread easily when numerous people use the equipment. Things such as handles, buttons and bicycle seats are notorious for carrying rhinovirus, which is the virus responsible for the common cold. Bring sanitary wipes in your gym bag to give machines a thorough cleaning to remove bacteria from any spots that might have been missed during the cleaning process.

Free Weights, Exercise Balls, and Mats

Many people throughout the course of a day use these pieces of equipment. Despite routine cleaning, there is no way to clean this equipment after every single use. Germs lurk on these things and each time you touch them whatever you touch next is contaminated. Ways to combat this is to bring your own spray to spray before using this equipment. Hand sanitizing gel on your hands before use will also help. Bring your own towels to put down on the mats before you use them. This will reduce the amount of germs you meet.

Gym Bag

While your bag may seem clean since it carries all of your equipment, imagine all of the germs that it picks up from the gym. Your gym bag is set on the floor, on a bench or in the locker room. All of these places harbor bacteria from the people who were there before you. When cleaning your gym stuff remember to give your gym bag a thorough wipe down inside and out.

An overwhelming 84% of people who use health clubs perceive them to be clean; however, germs still lurk in unlikely places. Approximately 71% of people say they will not exercise in a dirty gym, and 72% say they will not return to a gym with unpleasant odors. A janitorial service reduces these germs but cannot eliminate them. Janitorial services clean routinely, but cannot clean all day around the clock. School cleaning services reduce the amount of germs shared between vast amounts of students, but students are required to do their part and wash their hands regularly. Fitness center cleaning is similar to that; gym goers should do their part to reduce the spread of germs, since total germ elimination cannot feasibly be achieved.


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