The Definitive Best Answer When Choosing A Sign For Your Business

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If you just opened a business or are remodeling, you probably often wonder something like “what is the best sign for my business?” There are so many options out there for office signs that it can be a little overwhelming trying to choose between them all, which is why we first of all recommend you go straight to a sign company and let the professionals help you narrow down your options.

That being said, it’s a good idea to walk into any sales based institution with some idea of what you want, so that you can avoid getting up-sold. There’s nothing worse than feeling at the mercy of someone else’s expertise, so we decided to give you the run-down on our absolute favorite method of signage: LED messaging.

Believe it or not, you have not been alone in wondering “Will a sign get my business noticed?” This is such a burning question in the business world that there’s actually been a lot of hard data collected, and overwhelmingly, businesses with digital signage simply do better, nearly 30% better in fact, than businesses with regular signage. Research done by OTX, a consulting company that focuses on consumer issues, recently reported that digital signage continually catches the attention of the majority of consumers. Digital signage is generally thought to be more interesting, unique, and entertaining to consumers, and the LED message benefits are legion because LED signage has the potential to fulfill all these criteria with…well, flying colors.

The best of the LED message benefits in our opinion is mobility. Unlike a bulky banner or street sign, LED marquis come in all shapes and sizes and their moving text provides a programmable medium of conveying information. The second best of the LED message benefits is definitely the color options. Unlike neon or red light signage, LED messages can be programmed for bold Technicolor and include pictures, something that is very pleasing to the eye.

So to review: Step one is to find a good electric sign company who can help you tailor a sign for your business. Step two is to ask about LED signage and see what options they have to choose from. Be sure to post pictures of your sign in the comments. We, like the majority of the American consumer base, are suckers for pretty colors.


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