The Bubbles May Pop, But Your Precious Cargo Won’t!

Wholesale bubble mailers

We take many things for granted in this world: paved roads, fresh air, clean water, and undamaged mail. That last one might seem a bit silly, but just think about all the items that are ordered and shipped to homes and businesses each day. Many of these items are more than just paper goods, they’re fragile and sometimes valuable. Even if they aren’t all that valuable, no one wants to deal with receiving damaged goods.

Bubble Mailers to the Rescue!

You’ve probably seen a bubble mailer before, if not used one or received an item enclosed in one. These nifty envelopes were invented in the mid 20th century, and are now commonly used to protect all kinds of items during the shipping process. Bubble mailers are simply the combined product of an envelope and bubble wrap. The envelope is typically made of a sturdy paper or cardboard material. Bubble wrap lines the interior, steadily holding in place whatever is inside.

Where Do You Get Them?

If you’re looking to send a gift or package to someone and don’t want to worry about it arriving safely, you’ll probably want to send it within a bubble mailer. Bubble envelopes aren’t hard to get a hold of. You can go right down to your local post office and pick them up there. If you’re looking for cheap bubble mailers (and they all are relatively cheap), you can also buy them wholesale online or through certain stores that sell office supplies. Businesses typically buy bubble mailers wholesale to save costs, especially for businesses that typically ship out goods to customers.

Uses of Bubble Mailers

Bubble envelopes are obviously good for mailing fragile items. This is their main purpose, after all. But who says you can’t get creative with bubble mailers too? For one thing, if you enjoy customizing your gifts, you can decorate your bubble mailer or even make your own! All you need to do is buy the supplies (colored bubble wrap, anyone?) and you’re on your way! If you have some extra mailers lying around you can also use them for art projects. This is especially fun if you take care of kids. Not only do kids love popping bubble wrap (adults do too, of course), they also love making things out of whatever materials are available. Bubble mailers provide a unique texture and material to do all sorts of cool things. Plus, recycling is never a bad thing!

The next time you receive something unscathed in a bubble mailer, don’t take it for granted! And remember, there’s no shame in popping those bubbles once your package has arrived safely.

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