The Benefits of Using Full Color LED Signs

Outdoor led business signs

To be able to understand the world of advertising and marketing is no easy task. People spend four years or more in college taking classes that analyze commercials and advertisements, how they work, and what sort of effect they have on people. They also spend a lot of time trying to understand what advertisements do in terms of increasing traffic for a business.

Every year, small business owners across the United States will put their money into advertising and marketing in hopes of having success with their business. These people work hard to come up with clever marketing schemes or will pay for commercials on local television. However, most business owners are never able to truly understand how to be the most efficient in terms of attracting customers.

Studies have been conducted that have revealed that using full color LED signs and any other type of signage are incredibly impactful for most small businesses. Whenever business owners decide to invest in outdoor LED signs, outdoor LED display signs and outdoor LED business sings, they reap what they sow in terms of making a profit and driving up customer traffic. Here is what you need to know about implementing full color LED signs into your business.

According to a survey, almost 35% of all people say they would not have been able to discover a business had it not been for a sign outside of the business. So understand that full color LED signs to make it so much easier for you to attract customers as well. Studies have even show that when a business adds a sign it directly improves their sales revenue. As a matter of fact, replacing a storefront wall sign with a larger sign helps to increase revenue by almost 8%.

Just about 85% of all customers for a business is local and this means that they are within a five-mile radius of its location. Almost 20% of all walk-in customers that visit Best Buy will do so because of a digital sign that is outside of the business. Digital signs are even used by large corporations because they are proven to attract customers inside.

On-site signs have the same value as taking out 24 full-page newspaper ads each year, so the value of installing full color LED signs is high. Over 70% of all people will look at messages placed on roadside billboards and this includes both the traditional boards and digital boards. Plus, over 35% of all people have stated that they will look at any sort of outdoor and whenever they pass it.

Getting full color LED signs are so valuable for your business and they help you exponentially in terms of attracting customers. By the year of 2019, full color LED signs are going to be over 50% of the global lighting market. So if you want to get in on using full color LED signs the time is now before the price goes up.

A poll was conducted and it revealed a lot of information. First and foremost, half of all people over the age of 18 are interested in an event after seeing a billboard a half of all respondents said they later visited a billboard they saw in the car. Just about 26% stated that they would contact a phone number or visit a website address found on an outdoor billboard. Over 65% of all respondents said they make shopping decision while in the car as well.

In Conclusion

Investing money in full color LED signs is the best move a business can make right now. They will be able to get their hands on a hot item that is only going to get more and more expensive as time goes on. These people are making the right move and will be able to drive up a lot of traffic for their business in terms of people coming and buying items because they saw the full color LED signs.

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