The Benefits of Steel Melting Induction Furnaces

When it comes to melting steel, there are several options that are available. Not all of them are going to get the job done the way you want, few of them take into account the bigger picture of the environment. On the other hand a steel melting induction furnace not only gets the job done, but has several auxiliary benefits that come along with it. Here are a few of the plusses of a steel melting induction furnace, and how they can help improve your project.

How They Work

A steel melting induction furnace uses electromagnets as the basis for its process. An electric current is made when the metal is placed inside a magnetic field. This magnetic field is being changed a constant intervals. In this process, the metal and the conductor do not touch directly. This is why it’s called “induction.” But because the oscillating magnetic field is present, resistance is built up in the metals, and this causes them to become very hot. As the level of heat builds, the metals naturally being to melt. The metals are now charged with electricity, so they start to mix themselves inside the cauldron. This stirring action benefits the end product because it helps combine the different alloys as well as continue the process of the metal melting.

Thus, the metal is melted in a clean, efficient manner. Not only is the process quite simple, it also produces a better end product that is properly blended.

Better for the Environment

Because less energy is typically used in a steel melting induction furnace, the impact on the environment and on sustainability goals is less severe. The raw materials and fossil fuesl needed to create enough heat to melt something are substantial. When these are consumed, there is often no way of replpensihing them. Thus, they are used once and for all, and the benefit to the environment is little, if any. On the other hand, with a steel melting induction furnace, the number of natural resources used and fossil fuels depleted is minimized.

Good for the Bottom Line, Too

A steel melting induction furnace is a green solution to the production of metals. Going green while engaged in an process like this is more than just about helping the environment. It also helps improve the bottom line of the company. Energy is exoensive. Whether you’re engaging in steel melting to ultimately produce spare parts or replacement parts, it all costs significant money. An induction furnace is going to cut down on the energy costs. Induction melting allows the induction process to do the brunt of the work, which spares the use of other unnecessary fossil fuels. While electricity certainly has to be generated to a make it happen, this is the only form of energy that’s needed in order to fuel the process.

It is even possible to find a used induction furnace. A used induction furnace for sale may have refurbished parts, but it’s going to function well and get the job done each time. Consider a steel melting induction furnace to help revamp your current setup.

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