The Benefits of Plastic Blister Packaging

Over-encapsulation and placebo manufacture

When manufacturing a product, many companies are more concerned about getting the product to the market, rather than considering how efficient the packaging is. Some of the most effective packaging for sales and shipping is plastic blister packaging. Blister card packaging is easy to manufacture and fill, protects products during shipping, and takes up less space than plastic bottles do. All of these factors make blister packaging one of the best medical packaging techniques for use in warehouses, but it is also a great option for consumers, as well.

Each blister packaging company has a different method for backing the packaging. Some blister packs have an easy-open foil backing, making them a convenient option for seniors and other people who may have trouble opening bottles of pills. Other blister packaging companies use cardboard backing. A blister packaging company that utilizes card backing is likely to include coupons with the product to be used toward a later purchase. This is especially effective for non-prescription products that utilize blister packaging designs, such as gum and over the counter medication.

In addition to being easy to open, blister packaging is convenient for consumers in other ways. Its slim profile makes it easier to slip into a pocket, wallet, or purse, so that patients can take their medication with them on the go. The backing on blister medication can be printed with days of the week, so that patients know whether or not they have already taken that day’s pill without having to sort medicine into inconvenient pill boxes.

Blister packaging is even customizable in color and texture, so manufacturers can create opaque cells for each pill if the medication is sensitive to light. Blister packaging is safer for patients, as it is tamper-evident without requiring difficult-to-open seals. Many patients prefer to take their medication from blister packaging for these reasons. Talk to your pharmaceutical representative to find out what medications can utilize blister packaging today.

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