The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

Commercial cleaning

Winter brings cold weather. It also brings the spread of germs and disease. More people develop cold and flu symptoms during the winter months, than any other time of the year. Regular home and office sanitization can reduce the spread of sicknesses. It can also prevent outbreaks of common cold weather illnesses, such as the cold and flu. Home sanitization methods are just one of the many benefits of hiring a cleaning company for both residential and commercial properties.

The prevention of high germ areas.

Most property owners clean areas they believe to be high in germ numbers, such as the bathrooms and the kitchens. However, there are many overlooked germ infested areas. Take the office telephone for example. In many workplaces, telephones are still used by multiple employees. Office phones can harbor more than 25,000 germs per square inch. Many office owners forget or never think to clean things like the public telephone system.

For regular scheduled cleanings.

People are busy. This applies to both commercial and residential cleaning schedules. Most homeowners simply pick up items around the house when they get time to, neglecting the actual cleaning part of the process. The same goes for commercial offices. Employees may tidy up their desk and other public areas, never actually sanitizing or cleaning anything in the office. Commercial cleaning services can ensure that these deep cleaning tasks get done.

To save time for more important tasks.

Families are busy. They have many errands and work schedules that they need to follow. Cleaning the house often becomes one of the last priorities. Office employees tend to have other tasks. Their job descriptions do not usually include cleaning services. Taking the extra time needed for deep cleaning tasks takes the employee away from their job, lowering the productivity of their work. An outsourced cleaning service can allow the employee and the homeowner to spend their time with more important of tasks.

Outsourced cleaning services can clean difficult problems.

Cleaning tends to be the same routine over and over again. Occasionally however, a special mess needs to be cleaned. Perhaps there was a large spill on the carpet that requires special cleaning equipment. Maybe there was vandalism or staining on the walls that will require hours of physical scrubbing. An outsourced cleaning service has the manpower and the necessary equipment to handle these types of cleaning jobs.

An oft cited 2002 study published by the National Center for Education Statistics examined how clean and well cared for our schools are, reporting that, nationally 10% had signs of graffiti somewhere in the school, on the walls, lockers, desks, and, or in the bathrooms. Approximately 33% had floors and, or walls that were not considered clean, and 11% had ceiling that were in disrepair. A cleaning service can handle all of these often overlooked parts of the cleaning process.

They can cater to unique cleaning requests.

Sometimes specialized cleaning requests or products are needed. Some people may be allergic or sensitive to harsh chemical cleaning products. Green cleaning involves using natural cleaning products. They still can sanitize and properly clean areas, but often require hotter water and more scrubbing time. An outsourced cleaning service can be a great cleaning option for some with these types of sensitivities.

To reduce allergens.

Accumulation of dust and debris can lead to breathing difficulties and asthma conditions. Allergic diseases, which include asthma, are the fifth most prevalent chronic diseases in all ages, and the third most common in children. Dusting duties can often get overlooked, especially in busy households and offices. A professional janitorial service can ensure that the dust is properly taken care of and that it never builds up to be a problem.

Regular cleaning is important for many reasons. It reduces allergens and the spread of germs that cause illness, which is important during the winter months when more people develop cold and flu symptoms. Using an outsourced cleaning service helps property owners manage their time better, while ensuring that their homes are free of any excess dust or debris.

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