The Basics of ATS Diesel Transmissions – Custom Wheels Direct

This will ensure a greater energy distribution. It’s constructed from stainless steel, making it less susceptible to breaking. The large pumps allow for easy hydraulic pressure transfer into clutch pack. Also, they improve lubrication via the twerk convert.

The electronic device acts as the brains for the entire system. The electronic device is connected to the transmission. It then attaches directly to the valve’s body. It controls the hydraulic pressure. This ensures there’s a direct correlation between engine movement and transmission system. When you accelerate, the engine accelerates and the electronic system establishes some correlative settings in the transmission system in order to provide the vehicle more performance.

Another important component that must be taken good care of is the twerk converter. The engines are equipped with a twerk converter made of steel and bolts that connect to the engine. It is equipped with twelve bolts instead of six. It also has five clutches. The transmission is attached to two components, which will then join to connect with the engines. It is designed to protect the transmission from damage from heat caused by the engine.

They can be installed for trucks that have high horsepower and provide a minimum five-year guarantee.


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