The Average Desk, Phone And Keyboard Is Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat Hiring A Cleaning Service

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We often take for granted clean spaces. Moving back and forth between obligations means we can often miss the little efforts that go into protecting us from common diseases. Because of this many businesses, establishments and institutions neglect the benefits of hiring a cleaning service. Not only can this impact their ability to do their day-to-day tasks, it can even have the long-term effect of creating sick employees and unhappy customers. It’s time to make a janitorial service one of your most prized assets on the way to success.

Even those who already hire a cleaning service once per week should read the list below to learn about how office cleaning services can make a difference in productivity.

Employees deserve to work in a clean and efficient environment. Failing to provide these basics can mean more sick days, lowered productivity and even higher employee turnover rates. Not convinced? One study revealed nearly 100% of the respondents saying they are actively concerned with catching a virus at work. The average dirty desk harbors up to 400 times more bacteria than even a toilet seat. Yet another third of all respondents to a survey believe their keyboard and phone to both be the dirtiest items they touch regularly.

What does this mean for your business’ future? It means lost money and lost time. An article on Forbes found that poor health costs the American economy $576 billion every year. Many of these sick days can be easily prevented with the benefits of hiring a cleaning service. The common cold and the flu are both some of the biggest factors that keep employees from working, though the accumulation of dust, mold and pollen can also promote breathing difficulties that make day-to-day tasks more difficult than they need to be.

This doesn’t mean any janitorial services will do. Green cleaning services place an emphasis on not just cleaning out a given space, but making sure the right products are used as not to promote indoor air pollution. It’s estimated as much as 3% of the global burden of disease is on indoor air pollution alone, that of which is compounded by sloppy cleaning practices. Over 80% of all cancers are attributed to environmental factors, rather than genetic, and many of these can be found in everyday household cleaning products.

There are an impressive 17,000 petrochemicals available for both home and office use. When you also know that just 30% have been tested for human exposure, however, that number can seem daunting rather than useful. Indoor air pollution is notoriously worse than outdoor air pollution because of bad cleaning products, poor ventilation and the accumulation of mold. The latter can actually cause a form of cancer itself, making the benefits of hiring a cleaning service something you can’t neglect no matter where you conduct business.

Green janitorial services do the combined work of traditional cleaning methods with modern, safe cleaning products. The types of cleaning services can even be geared to your unique establishment, giving you the schedule needed to make sure bacteria is flushed out on a regular basis. Reducing sick days and creating happier customers…it’s not hard to agree that the benefits of hiring a cleaning service makes everyone breathe a little easier.

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