The 3 Characteristics That Will Get You a Job in Supply Chain Management

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The field of supply chain management has expanded rapidly in recent years, especially as outsourcing has spread both production and distribution across the entire globe. There are many reasons you might be interested in getting into this industry, including opportunity for advancement, a fast-paced environment and the opportunity to travel. But how can you get one of these jobs? Talking to supply chain recruiters is, of course, a good first step (and you should know to also be searching for “logistics recruiters,” since logistics and supply chain recruiters have access to many of the same job postings). That’s an especially smart move if you’re hoping to jump straight into a high-level position, as many companies use executive search services to fill those critical jobs. But you’ll also want to make sure that you’re representing yourself well in your resume, cover letters and interviews. Here are the three biggest things you’ll want to emphasize if you’re hoping to get a job in supply chain management:

  1. That You’re Detail-Oriented

    Sometimes the smallest problems can foul up an entire chain — and that can cause a lot of grief and cost thousands or even millions of dollars. Try to give specific examples of times that you spotted problems others didn’t, or found ways to improve efficiency by picking up on minute details.

  2. That You Can Take the Heat

    Supply chains almost always deal with tight deadlines, and you need to demonstrate that you know how to perform well and produce excellent results under pressure. The more you can show that you can think on your feet, the better your chances are of being hired.

  3. That You’re a Team Player

    Working along the supply chain, no matter what you’re actually doing, involves coordinating with numerous other companies, departments and individuals. You need to have top-notch communication skills and a team mentality to succeed.

Have you checked with supply chain and logistics recruiters or otherwise gotten started on your job hunt in the field of supply chain management? Share in the comments how your experience has been so far.

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