The 101 On Selling Silver And Gold

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Gold and silver are the world’s most precious and sought after metals. They have a long and complex history in investment circles throughout the West, providing many people with a lucrative career in pricing, analyzing, crafting and sales. If you’ve considered looking into the wealth management industry, look below to learn a little more about the history of gold and silver, the benefits of selling and how you can get your start in diversified investment.

History Of Gold

From the California gold rush in the 1800’s to modern gold mining, gold is almost as well known for being heavily sought after by a variety of parties as it is its signature illustrious shine. The U.S. mines produced over 200 tons of gold in the year 2014 alone, while circulating over $7 trillion in deposits as a whole. Gold generally comes in two types of bars, minted and cast, and sees its highest offered value in 24 karats. It’s estimated 80% of gold bullion circulation in the U.S. comes from the American Gold Eagle coin, the most frequently traded coin around the world.

History Of Silver

Considered the close sibling to gold, its value is comparable and sees it used in a variety of items such as currency, jewelry and even electronic equipment. Like gold it comes in varying bar and coin sizes that need to be measured using standards that have been in place for many decades. Silver’s ancient history and consistent value demands a spot in any burgeoning investor’s sales portfolio. Consider also platinum and palladium if you’re looking to diversify your stock.

Selling Gold And Silver

Gold and silver sales have never ceased to be a lucrative investment, even as available stocks deplete over the decades. Multiple gold and silver career fields revolve around sculpting and selling, including but not limited to miners, goldsmiths, silversmiths, jewelers and investors. Standard gold shops sell many different shapes and sizes, the heaviest allowed being 10 ounces.

Gold And Silver Investing

It takes time and patience to learn the art of buying gold stocks and selling bullions to customers all over the world. Although the majority of gold that has been extracted dates back to 1910, there still exist a myriad of deposits to take advantage of in the future. Depending on your personal interests and preexisting degrees you can choose specific industries, such as selling jewelry or coveting materials, to get your start. Look into an investment in gold if you’re interested in an advantageous and fascinating career field.

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