Taylor Ice Cream is Best Soft-Served

Ice cream, and related frozen treats, have long since been a summer and dessert staple in the United States, popular for well over a century to the present day. In fact, when NASA astronauts fly on their missions, they cite ice cream as the three food and drink items they miss the most (alongside pizza and fizzy drinks). Vanilla ice cream continues to be the dominant choice, and even has July 23rd as the “National Vanilla Ice Day.” Today, however, there are more frozen treat options than ever before, from gelato to soft serve ice cream to sherbet and frozen yogurt. These different treats are made in different ways and have different ingredients, but any can be a summer time delight.

The Variety of Ice Cream

Standard, or “hard” ice cream, according to Praline’s, is often frozen at a temperature of -12 degrees Celsius, while soft-serve ice cream is frozen at -6 degrees Celsius, resulting in a softer and creamier food item. And the differences go beyond that; a soft serve ice cream machine mixes in less fat and more air into the food than with hard ice cream, and the inclusion of air makes the soft serve ice cream lighter and fluffier, and if done right, it will have a whitish appearance. A soft serve machine is a must for any vendor looking to sell this creamier alternative.

Frozen yogurt is another route. According to Thrillist, does not actually have a federal definition like other ice creams, but in general, frozen yogurt is lower in fat than standard ice cream, has a more tart flavor, and may have yogurt cultures that are alive and active. Frozen yogurt can also have toppings.

Caring For Your Ice Cream Machine

An ice cream machine is central to selling any variety of frozen treat, and among various brands, a Taylor ice cream machine is an option for small-time or major businesses. A Taylor ice cream machine, like any other, will need cleaning from time to time, and these machines can be washed and prepared with a few steps, according to Ice Cream Depot.

The first step to cleaning out a Taylor ice cream machine is to completely empty it, and removing all leftover ice cream from inside. Next, flushing the machine with water is essential to clearing everything out, and if there is any blockage, the user may have to inspect it and clear out the obstruction from inside the Taylor ice cream machine. Once the water has rinsed the whole machine, the whole machine will be disassembled of its moving and non-moving parts, and once separate, these parts can be washed and soaked in warm, soapy water and scrubbed with gentle surfaces such as sponges. Once that is done, and all parts are cleaned up, the parts of a Taylor ice cream machine are rinsed with cool water and set out to dry. All that is left before future use is to reassemble the machine, and referring to the user’s manual may be necessary for newer users.

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