Taking a Look At Advertising In The Age Of Technology

The age of technology has arrived, and it has become a part of nearly every aspect of our lives. From our personal lives to our professional ones, technology is often essential in many different and differing ways. In the professional world, for instance, the implementation of technology has become widely interested for purposes of marketing, with marketing and advertising professionals conducting research into how to best reach customers on an online platform.

Much of this research has pointed to SEO content. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and is content that is created using special keywords and topics in hopes of popping up for a wide variety of the searches that are made through search engines like Google and even Yahoo. But why does search engine optimization matter when paid ads have become so prevalent in our everyday lives?

Well, while paid ads have become widespread, the vast majority of all people – up to eighty percent of all internet users – simply don’t pay paid ads any mind, skipping them over entirely and virtually ignoring them altogether. Here is where SEO techniques step in, as everyone uses search engines – many people on an everyday basis. Conducting SEO research can provide a company or a business with the tools that they need to catch the attention of many consumers and potential customers. After all, Google alone gets more than sixty thousand searches for each second that passes.

There are a number of ways that research has shown for the typical SEO company can generate the content that will get attention. For one, the inclusion of pictures is important. Simply taking an old post on a company’s website and adding new and fresh pictures into it has been found to increase traffic to that post and to the site as a whole by more than one hundred and ten percent, a considerable amount by any means.

The length of the content also matters. While many people think that the typical SEO article provided by SEO services should be short, research has shown that the opposite is true. In fact, this research has found that the typical results on the first page of a search engine will be over one thousand and eight hundred words long. On top of this, this long form content will receive considerably more shares as well as likes, another way in which the word can be spread about a company, business, product, or service (etc, etc.).

Of course, getting people to click onto your site is only the first step. Research has also definitively shown that web design matters too, often far more than many people would even realize in the first place. In fact, if a website functions but is simply not aesthetically pleasing, research shows that more than thirty five percent of all people will click away from it. A similar percentage of people will leave the website if images take too long to load or do not load at all, again showing the power of images when it comes to search engine optimization and the content that is created for it.

The website itself should also be fast loading, something that is important to more than forty five percent of all consumers and potential customers here in the United States (forty seven percent, to be more exact). If a page doesn’t load in the short span of two seconds, many people will decide to click away and turn their attention elsewhere. This has amounted to the loss of more than two and half billion dollars in sales all throughout the country, an impactful amount by any standards.

From the importance of web design to the growing importance of site optimization, the ways in which companies, businesses, products, and services get attention have changed considerably in recent years, very much in part do the growing focus on technology not only here in the United States but in many other places throughout the world as well. Technology matters, as does the research that goes into advertising through the use of technology here in the United States and all throughout the entire world.

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