Take Your Message to the Skies with Aerial Advertising

Custom aerial billboards

Do you want to get your message delivered to a large crowd? If your company wants to increase brand awareness, promote a special event, a relocation, or announce a holiday sale, have you considered using aerial advertising?

Other custom aerial banner towing options include sending special greetings or private messages to friends or family members. You can have messages like these delivered with sky banners:

    Happy Anniversary
    Happy Birthday
    Marriage proposals

If you’re not familiar with the history of aerial advertising, it began in the early 1920s. At that time, planes began to tow banners to advertise a variety or products.

Back in 1940, Pepsi used this method to its advantage, according to the Smithsonian. They promoted their brand with 2,225 sky-written messages over 48 states. Furthermore, Pepsi also had sky-written messages over Mexico, Canada, Cuba, and South America.

Years later, in 2001, the Federal Aviation Administration authorized around 600 companies to engage in aerial advertising campaigns.

How effective are these sky-written messages? When the weather is ideal, they can be seen for 2,800 square miles. When the weather is cool, humid, windless, and clear, these messages can last for 20 minutes or more. They can also be viewed up to 30 miles away, and the letters extend approximately one mile.

A recent survey was conducted on whether or not an aerial ad’s message was retained. It was found that 79% of the individuals that saw the product or service advertisement remembered what was being advertised. Others, approximately 67%, remembered half or more of the message being promoted.

Response rates for aerial advertising campaigns do vary; however, some businesses have reported that they’ve received a 20% response from their campaigns.

Since you’re considering sky banner services, you may be interested to know that personal banner towing rates, on average, are $450 an hour. While personal banner towing rates do vary, this rate in particular is for an average hour flying over the beach.

You’re probably curious about how long your message can be. On average, skywriting messages are eight characters long. Your message can include letters as well as numbers and other characters, such as exclamation marks.

When you’re in the process of choosing the best way to promote your business or send a message to a colleague, friend, or family member, just know that there are quite a few sky banner options from which to choose.

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