Streamline Your Business Operations With LTO and Expedited Shipping Services

The world-wide transportation industry consists of an intricate network. There are almost 12 million locomotives, rail cars, trucks, and vessels that transport a variety of products throughout the world. The trucking industry in particular was responsible for transporting approximately 15 billion tons of cargo during 2013 alone. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the amount of cargo that will being transported by 2040 is projected to consist of 18.79 billion tons.

The value of the freight being transported is also expected to increase in the near future. The U.S Department of Transportation reported that in 2007, the per-ton value of an average shipment was $882.00. By 2040, however, this value is expected to increase to $1,377.00 per ton. While there are quite a few valuable commodities that are transported throughout the United States and abroad, there are three types of shipments which are considered to be the most valuable. These include electronics transport services, machinery transport services, and motorized vehicle transport services.

It’s important to note that the less than truckload market is also expanding. Currently, this market’s value is estimated at roughly $35 billion. Given the extent to which e-commerce has expanded, the revenue here is also expanding exponentially. Recent figures indicate that this amounts to roughy $423.3 billion. This includes full truckload, less-than truckload, as well as other types of shipments which include parcel carriers such as the United States Postal Service. As a result of the high demand for e-commerce shipments, postal carriers are needing to adapt to changes within this industry.

The distance that products are being transported has also been declining. Satish Jindel, who is the president of the SJ Consulting Group, reported that this is the case. Between the years of 2011 and 2016, for instance, he indicated that the average length of haul by public truckload carriers has decreased by four percent.

When your company needs machinery transport services, specialty freight services, or other related services, it’s good to know that you can obtain expedited shipment as well as LTL shipping services. When you contact your local freight transportation company to schedule a pick-up or a delivery, you will be able to obtain more information on shipping rates and other important information.

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