Steps to Take After a Car Accident – Your Oil

Attention is the first priority, and emergency services should be called immediately if someone is hurt. The dispatcher will require specific locations.
Call Police

Regardless of whether there are any injuries, call the police. Make sure you don’t leave until police arrive. Make sure you are provided with badge numbers and the names of the police officers responding to your call.

Make a report

Always make a formal report to the police at the scene. This report is essential to protect your insurance company and any car accident lawyers that may need to be involved in the future. The information will be made available to you at your own discretion for use.

Exchange Information

Take the license plate or phone number as well as information about your insurance from the person who you had an accident with. Make phone calls with witnesses, if there witnesses.

Make Pictures

Smartphones permit access to cameras in the blink of an eye. Utilize this to take as many photos as you are able to. If you need to transfer the vehicle after accidents, it will let you explain the situation to the drivers.

To learn more about how to proceed following accidents in your car follow the link for the video above.


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