Steps to Caring for Scientific Refrigerators and Freezers

An important component of any medical facility is the storage used for vaccines. Maintaining the right care and temperature for the vaccines is crucial, because the last thing you want to do is administer an expired or bad vaccine to a patient. Their health is your priority and that begins with maintaining a well functioning facility.

Investing in a quality scientific refrigerator can make a huge difference. Not only does it provide the proper storage space, but it helps to keep vaccines at the proper temperature and makes them last longer.

However, purchasing and using your medical refrigerator are only the first steps. You also have to take proper care of it and make sure that it continues to run the way it is supposed to. If you don’t do this then it may fail to cool things to the proper temperature and could cost the clinic a lot of money.


Cleanliness is key with your vaccine refrigerator. You want to wash the inside and outside of it on a regular basis, especially if there have been any spills. You can clean the inside with warm water and baking soda, and use commercial grade glass cleaner on the outside.

You also want to clean the condenser on the back of the fridge often as well. Keeping it free of dust and dirt will help maintain the life and performance of your lab refrigerator.

Pay Attention to the Temperature

Another way to care for a medical grade refrigerator is to pay attention. Always observe the temperature and make sure that it is cooling the contents to the proper temperatures as well. Knowing how the fridge runs when it is in good condition will help clue you in when something is off. The sooner you identify an issue, the sooner you can get it fixed.

Do Not Over-pack

You also want to avoid over-packing your scientific refrigerator. Pushing vaccines too close to the back can effect their temperature, and packing the fridge too tight can cause problems with airflow. You want to leave room for the appliance to breath and keep vaccines pulled slightly forward.


As long as you are consistent and wise in your care for your vaccine fridge, you shouldn’t have too many problems. Regular maintenance and temperature checks will keep it working for years to come without major hiccups or the need for total replacement of the appliance.

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