Spare Part Supply for Cruise Ships

Supply of spare parts

Spare part supply is incredibly important to have when out at sea. Specialized parts and equipment is needed in case of emergency or in case the vessel parts break down or there is a shortage on something. Most cruise ships load their boats while at dry dock and do have agreements with ports if they needs more supplies. Cargo vessel parts and equipment are the things that they have on board and need to take with them during a voyage, a spare part supply. Having a supply of spare parts is imperative because while at sea there are no places to get extra equipment, parts, and food.

Cruise ships always try to provide adequate provisioning, especially because they serve several thousand meals at each sitting. The passengers and crew on just one cruise ship will consume in one week, 20 thousand pounds of beef, 28 thousand eggs, 18 thousand slices of pizza and eight thousand gallons of ice cream. By going through this many provisions proves just how important spare part supply really is.

Usually, a ships’ restaurants organize two dinner services per day, early and late dining. Passengers are given a set dining time during the cruise but a recent trend if to allow passengers to eat whenever they want. On board, there is usually a central galley that is responsible for serving all major restaurants on the ship, although some specialty restaurants have their own galleys with spare part supply.
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