Some Of The Best Kit Cars For Beginners – Reference Books Online

If you’re interested in building your own car kit but are unsure how to start, these kits will help.

The very first kit car we are going to take a look at will be the MEV Exocet. This car kit has an estimated time to build of 100 hours. It is estimated to have a price of 9,000 dollars for the build. The way the kit is designed allows it to substitute the body structure of a Miata. This will allow you to reduce by 30 percent the weight you carry.

The next model we’ll take a explore will be the Factory Five GTM. The time required to construct the kit is around 600 hours. It costs between 35,000 and 50,000 bucks to complete. It is intended for competition with the supercars of Porche. This vehicle can travel up to 60 miles at 60 mph within three minutes.

The final kit car we’ll look through is The DF Goblin. The kit comes with a construction time of around 100 hours as well as costs 12,500 dollars. This kit was designed to build quickly and offer the most efficient solution for the amount it costs.


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