Social Media Marketing Those Facebook “Likes” Can Increase Sales Volume

If you’ve never considered creating social media profiles for your business, you’re missing out on one of the most cost-effective means of increasing sales and website traffic. Social media exposure is boosting sales for everything from homemade crafts to industrial videos.

Just A Few Minutes of Time Could Boost Your Sales

Social media exposure is a cost-effective sales strategy for distributors, and it’s the best marketing resource is right at your fingertips. Two of the key benefits of social media marketing are increasing exposure for your product or service, and increasing traffic to your website.

Link your business social media profiles to your business website, and you’ve employed one of the best distributor marketing tactics to bring in new customers and to retain current customers. Facebook, that enduring social media platform that people love to hate, is a favorite go-to for industrial marketers and business owners. 62% of marketers prefer Facebook over other social media platforms.

Your Ideal Business Profile

Be sure to include the following in your business Facebook profile:

  • The full name of your company
  • A clear cover photo and a clear profile photo. Do not use photos of your pets, spouse, or kids, as tempting as that may be.
  • Complete all information in the profile section, including your website address. The goal of social media is to not only market your business, but to direct prospective customers to your website.
  • Write a brief summary of your product or service in the “about” section. Utilize Google keyword search tools to identify industry-specific keywords so prospective clients can locate you via Google
  • An introductory post to welcome visitors to your account, and to encourage them to visit your website

Engage, Engage, Engage

Suppose a client leaves a comment on your business Facebook page. Be sure to click that “like” button and/or leave a brief reply. A simple “Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to check out our website!” is all that is needed. The simplicity of responding to client comments fits right in with the current model of distributor marketing.

By embracing social media, particularly Facebook, you’ll boost visibility for your product or service. By completing the full profile page, including your website address and contact information, clients will know how to contact you and follow up. Ensure better search results by using industry-specific keywords in your business profile.

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