Signs of the Times Using Signage to Attract the Customers You Want

Did you know that an estimated 70% of consumers surveyed linked a businesses’ sign to the overall quality of the business? A well-designed and well-placed sign can speak volumes for a storefront business, especially with increased competition from online outlets.

From Backlit Film to Custom Banners

Business signage can be created with a wide range of media, from a simple vinyl banner to a more sophisticated display utilizing backlit film, which evokes the same aesthetic as a colorful movie poster. Even the humble custom sandwich board has evolved: stroll down any street in most cities and you will find sandwich boards decorated with chalk drawings, quotes and specials all designed to lure consumers into the business. The messages are changed out according to sales needs and promotions with minimal waste and hassle.

Is That Really Luke Skywalker in That Store?

A longtime staple of video stores in the 80s, life-size posters can draw in customers from a short distance away from your store. Featuring sports figures, comic book characters, and movie favorites, modern store-fronts use them for same reason as older outlets: to attract and retain customers. A well-placed poster or sign can publicize your business 50-60 times per month.

Eco-friendly Signs

As more and more small businesses embrace green or eco-friendly practices, their focus has shifted from disposable materials to more sustainable and recyclable materials. If your business falls into this category, there are many options available, banners created with soy-based inks and biodegradable plastics, to sophisticated backlit film displays that are long-lasting and minimize waste. Sandwich boards that are painted black and decorated with chalk messages have long since been a staple of coffee houses, and other businesses have adopted this economical and eco-friendly option. A high-quality poster printed on recyclable paper with soy-based ink is another eco-friendly sign option.

Behold The Humble Wall Poster

Action sports outlets such as surf and skate shops have understood the power of the humble wall poster. Featuring a current athlete captured in action, wall posters are an inexpensive and subtle way to publicize your business. Tween and teens love to plaster their bedroom walls with wall posters, so if they are a key demographic for your business, a wall decor poster is a wise investment.

In this age of digital advertising and social media, it’s easy for a small business to overlook tangible, low-cost advertising. Don’t be fooled. Posters, chalkboard-style sandwich boards and wall posters offer a high return on investment for minimal cost, and create a lasting impression with your customers.

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