Sick Of A Stuffy Cubicle? Work From Home!

Working from home has been a reality that many individuals get to enjoy, especially with how integral the internet has become with jobs. And when it comes to customer service jobs, the channels a consumer uses are all available at home: phone, email, live chat, online knowledge base, even “click to call” support automation; 61 percent, 60 percent, 57 percent, 51 percent and 34 percent, respectively. Why have an employee take up real estate in some stuffy office when an employee can simply work from home? Depending on the company, 65 percent of which will supply their employees with the tools they need to be completely independent within the boundaries of their home. Not to mention you can work with flexible hours.

Your office, for example, does not even have to be a tiny cubicle that collects way too much dust. The couch could be office! Or maybe that comfy chair you bought but have not had much time to use it. How about heading to a coffee shop that provides Wi-Fi? Peek into a coffee shop sometime and you will see how often this happens.

For the eco-friendly individual, you will not be using your car as much which means less harmful gas pumped into the atmosphere. This further saves you money by keeping that gas tank fuller for more necessary trips. And forget about buying that nice suit or blouse; just wear what is comfortable! Pajamas? Yes! Sweatpants? You got it! Save those nice outfits for meetings.

More importantly, working from home can certainly improve your mood, and if you work from home as customer service, this can really make or break a deal or determine if a customer leaves or returns. In fact, 78 percent of consumers who have had a bad spat with customer service, decided to outright drop a purchase they had intentions of buying. When it does go right, customers end up spending 140 percent more than the customers that experienced the aforementioned bad spat. Customers have even admitted they would pay more for better customer service, 86 percent to be specific!

The jobs themselves don’t change much, if at all, but the location does. Work from home medical customer service jobs? Working from home for an insurance company? Dispatcher positions? Telemarketing from home? All come with the same duties and responsibilities as well as the requirements. And those are just a handful of work from home medical jobs. The sky’s the limit.


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