SEO, Blogging And Content Creation The Most Valuable Digital Marketing Tactics For Businesses Today

Digital marketing today can seem complex, but it’s not unlike any other method of putting your business out there.

The same rules, techniques and strain of logic still applies. The best marketing plan is one that doesn’t put all its eggs in one basket, but still has enough focus to yield consistent results month after month. Whether this means using SEO to redirect traffic to your website or optimizing your website for mobile devices so you can cultivate more casual shoppers, moving forward is the best tool in your arsenal. A marketing agency can narrow down all these resources and help you apply them intelligently instead of casting too large a net.

Simplify the process and look below at the top five digital marketing techniques you need to be taking advantage of.

Search Engine Optimization

You’ve heard a lot about SEO. Some marketers even consider it their most effective technique, but what, exactly, makes it so useful to businesses today? A major component that makes SEO stand out from the rest is its cost-effective design. Inbound marketing has been found to cost up to 60% less per lead while generating over 55% more leads than outbound marketing. Compared to traditional methods of outreach, like print marketing and direct mail, SEO is a reliable security net for any business model. Supplementing it with an active blog will only make it more so.

Blog Content

Customers don’t just want a quick purchase. They also want to be invested in your brand. A smart way of getting them to come back for more is by maintaining an active blog presence. Google receives over 100 billion searches each month, which is simply too large a pool to cast about your efforts willy-nilly. Encouraging a repeat customer base will save you money while making you money, easier to do with a blog that is inviting, interesting and updated regularly. This blog can work as a supplement to products by providing how-to lists or as a way to encourage sharing across social media.

Mobile Optimization

Customers that are unable to interact with your website are going to be frustrated and turned off. Even the best SEO or most interesting blog presence won’t mean much if they can’t look at your site through their phone or tablet. A recent study found nearly 40% of Internet users will outright stop engaging with a website if the layout is unattractive or difficult to navigate. West Michigan marketing experts are deeply familiar with what makes a website appealing and will help you clear up the clutter, organize your layout and provide a solid first impression every single time.

Content Creation

The function of content creation can’t be overstated. One study revealed nearly 75% of marketers state relevant content creation to be their most effective SEO tactic by far. Blog content creation is also considered one of the top inbound marketing techniques today. Marketing firms can provide you with simple daily or weekly goals to help you gradually build web traffic. You can upload microcontent in the form of informational videos or longform content in the form of inspirational articles to encourage more browsing throughout your website. There might be a lot of methods to choose from, but simply choosing and sticking to the plan will pay off.

Digital Marketing Agencies

You don’t need to do everything on your own. A digital marketing agency will help you figure out a game plan you can use to fall back on when things get a little too complicated. SEO is useful for garnering more web traffic without turning customers off with intrusive advertising methods. A regularly updated blog will encourage a higher number of repeat customers, while steady content creation will give people something to talk about even during slow periods. Even your website can be tweaked and made to look more appealing at a glance.

Make the complex simple. Let an inbound marketing agency give you a leg up on the competition.

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