Remember These Classic Offices?

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If you’ve been trying to find office space, you’re probably overwhelmed with all the options available for your business. With the ability to lease office space, temporarily rent office space, or even try out a virtual office, finding office space is easier than it’s ever been before. To help you cool down from all these cool options, and to give you a little inspiration, here are some of the best offices from television and film.

“The Office” – Topping the leader-board, Dunder Mifflin had an office and staff that just wouldn’t quit. From the sales team out on the spacious main floor, to the HR team back in the annex, that office had it all. Even a disco cafe. Er, sorry, a Cafe Disco.

“Office Space” – Yeah, I’m gonna need you to have a copy of this movie on my desk by Friday. What could better represent the true climb of office life like “Office Space” does? And that big open floor plan leaves plenty of room for spacious cubicles you can fill with pieces of flair. Just don’t touch Milton’s stapler.

“The IT Crowd” – Headin’ overseas to find office space? No? Well even if you’re not, these goofy chaps will be waiting for you at 123 Carenden Road. The Reynholm gang will be glad to give you a tour of their punky modern basement office. (That is, if it isn’t on fire or host to a DandD tournament.)

“Parks and Recreation” – I’ll be the first to admit that the Pawnee City Hall is literally home to the most beautiful offices around. You’ll love all the classic wood, the ample sunlight, and the gratuitous murals of gory Pawnee history.

No matter what you’re looking for in your next office, nothing makes the space like the people you put there. An office is only as good as its employees!

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