Refurbishing Water Cooling Towers Provides a Huge Savings over Replacement

Types of cooling towers

Refurbishing cooling towers can be a very cost-effective alternative to cooling tower replacements. Replacing cooling towers will cost you for the tower itself, as well as the cost of installation. Installation costs can include labor (during non-wroking hours over a weekend, no less), a crane to lift the tower, etc.

Refurbishment will be a much cheaper process. According to cooling tower manufacturers, cooling towers have a life expectancy of 15-20 years. However, refurbishing a tower can add another 15-20 years to its life, without lessening cooling tower performance.

For a cooling tower fill media replacement, fill is completely removed from each tower, all metal surfaces are angle ground and patched, seams are sealed, and internal, wetted surfaces are re-coated with a two-part epoxy coating.

Refurbishing is a particularly attractive option if you have already invested in mechanical repairs such as new cooling tower pumps, shafts, bearings, and blower wheels, etc. If you’ve recently put money into these new elements, it’s best to get their full worth before replacing the entire piece.

Many cooling tower systems were installed in the 1980s, and are now over 30 years old. If the integrity of the tower’s metal sump, sidewalls, and distribution pans are relatively sound, but the fiberglass fill has deteriorated to the point where it needs to be replaced, there are many dollars that can be saved versus the cost of replacement. Check out this website for more:

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