Reduce the Stress of Job Searching with Temp Services

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Did you recently leave a position within 45 days of being hired? You’re not alone, as 22% of new hires have made the same choice. Whether you left your position because you didn’t receive the training you needed or for other reasons, you are probably in the process of searching for a new position.

Have you considered working with a temporary employment service? Temp services can place you in a position that can assist you with exploring a variety of office positions. In this way, you may be able to locate a company to work for that is a better fit for you and your skill set.

When you work for a temporary employment agency, it can potentially reduce the stress associated with searching for a permanent position. It’s important to note that on a weekly basis, there are over 3 million individuals that work on a temporary or contractual basis for staffing companies. Many individuals may prefer this type of employment over a traditional full-time position.

Some temp services may be able to assist you with obtaining a full-time position. If this is your goal, then you’ll want to let them know that you want to work for a company that has a structured on-boarding program. It’s been found that when new hires go through this type of program, they are 58% more likely to remain with that company several years later.

Other important topics that you’ll want to address with a staffing company include locating a position with a company that has an employee recognition program. When companies have employee recognition programs, 86% have noted their employees are happier. It goes without saying that happier employees are more productive and tend to have more positive relationships with their co-workers, supervisors, and other staff members.

Did you leave your last position because the office culture wasn’t diverse? Research by McKinsey has shown that gender and ethnically-diverse companies tend to outperform their competitors. If this makes a difference to you as well, be sure to address this with your agency’s recruiter so they can search for companies that value diversity.

Do you spend a considerable amount of time on social media? It’s important to note that 93% of recruiters will evaluate these profiles’ content. Given this, you want to ensure that your resume is up-to-date and that your posts don’t contain commentary that may interfere with your being hired.

Since you may have a greater chance of locating immediate employment by using temp services, it makes sense to update your resume and contact an agency at your earliest convenience. Once you’ve obtained a new position, whether it’s temporary, contractual, or permanent, you’ll have the opportunity to use your existing skill set and develop new skills as well.

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