Protecting your Construction Workers While on the Job

Lifting equipment

If you own or work for a construction company, hopefully you are getting all the proper training that you need. Safety training is vital to construction workers since everything you are around is dangerous. There are all types of trainings and construction safety courses that are offered. Fall protection training, rigging safety training, and crane training are just a few that can taken. Of course, all are recommended. Why are these important? Well, the four leading causes of construction death include: falls, electrocution, getting stuck between objects, or even being struck by an object. In 2001, there were about 481,400 injuries related to construction jobs. This just emphasizes why safety training is so important. However, in 2009 construction related jobs were responsible for the most fatal injuries than any other job. There are so many different jobs related to construction and along with all of those jobs, many types of safety training for each one. However, construction safety risks are difficult to keep track of and assess. The reason for this is because each type of construction job and training are very different from the next. Someone doing forklift safety training is preparing for possible risks that are very different than crane training or fall protection training. It is possible to decrease the risk of fatal accidents and injuries happening. Between 2012-2013, the United Kingdom had only 148 construction fatalities. From the previous year, it decreased by 18%. Therefore, it is possible to lower the risk of these construction injuries through proper trainings. More can be found here.

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