Organization Is One Of The Best Skills You Can Have Piecing Your Life Together With Color Coding Stickers

Organization can seem like a complex art form at times. How do people do it?

With popular Netflix shows cropping up around organization and conversations about mental wellness circulating ever more frequently, it doesn’t hurt to take a moment to ask yourself some questions. How much clutter do you have in your home or workspace? Do you feel in control of your life or like you’re barely keeping the pieces together? 2019 is a brand new year and, with it, brand new habits you can start building today. Below is a useful list that’ll break down the psychological correlation between clutter, organization, and happiness.

Could color coding dot stickers and custom adhesive labels hold your potential? Let’s find out!

Clutter And Disorganization Knows No Industry

Point at an industry and you’ll find some unique issues with handling clutter. On an average day you’ll see the UPS handling a staggering 15 million packages, sending them to all corners of the country…and sometimes outside it! Back in 2016 there were at least 65 billion parcels shipped around the world. As you can imagine, clutter is far from a unique issue. When you’re tearing your hair out because you’ve lost an important file for the fifth time, it’s time to grab some colored stickers and finally get to work.

Disorganization Isn’t Good For Your Health

It’s time to get scientific! The reason clutter wears so badly on you is because it’s actually quite detrimental to your physical and mental wellness. Think about the effects chronic stress has on the body — high blood pressure, hypertension, headaches, exhaustion, poor moods, you name it. When you have to constantly search for important items or you’re always stressed you misplaced your keys? It’s small wonder you start to feel the effects seeping into your workweek.

Color Coordination Helps Recognition And Memory

What makes color coding dot stickers and assorted color coding labels so effective, anyway? Aside from their appealing shape they also help spark important signals in your brain to help you keep everything sorted. Back in 2002 researchers conducted extensive studies to better figure out the correlation between color and memory. They found subjects perform 5% to 10% better on standardized pattern recognition tests when they had color, compared to black and white testing. That’s not all color can do!

Graphic Designers And Marketers, Take Heed

Do you work in color? It’s time to put your skills to use and help you live a more organized life. Recent studies have found color increases brand recognition by as much as 80% — now imagine if that were put in your file box or those pesky paints you keep misplacing! Custom adhesive labels are useful because you can scribble notes and drawings, able to be removed and reapplied at will. Flexibility is the name of the game here.

Organization Is A Great Skill To Build In 2019

You’re sick and tired of constantly misplacing important files. You always rush out of the door because you put your keys or wallet in the wrong place. Grab some boxes and blank printable circle labels this week so you can finally start wrangling your workweek in place. Organization is one of the best habits you can build in your life this year. It’ll improve your mental health, keep your mood stable, and offer you some free time that’s better spent on work or relaxation.

Color coding dot stickers and clear glossy label protectors aren’t made out of gold, but they can give you time. That’s more precious than anything!

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