Occupations That Require Level 6 Shredders

What is a Level 6 Shredder?

Level 6 shredding is the highest level available. An industrial shredder machine that is level 6 will cut paper into the smallest possible particles and provide the best level of security. It is used in high security situations to dispose of sensitive documents that should not be seen outside of the work place. They generally meet government set security standards and aren’t used in very many occupations.

Most jobs don’t require a high security paper shredder. Generally a level 3 will work just fine. However, there are certain occupations that handle more sensitive material that may need to use a level 6. Below is a list of occupations that may need this kind of shredder and why.

Government Occupations

A level 6 industrial shredder machine would be useful for any kind of high security level government position. Any government job that requires handling top secret or highly confidential papers can benefit from these shredders. Government offices actually have requirements in place for their shredders and these meet those regulations.

Military Use

These can also be used to shred sensitive documents used in the military. This falls closely by government occupations, but the types of papers handled differ.

Tax Offices and Medical Facilities

These occupations can get away with using mid-level security shredders, and considering the volume of paper they need to shred it is best for them to have a level 3 or 4 around. Capacity does lower when the level goes up. However, it can’t hurt to a level 6 shredder around for documents that could lead to ID theft. If you want to take extra precautions to protect clients and patients, consider this option.

Do You Need a Level 6 Shredder?

Chances are that unless you work in the government or military, you don’t have to go with a level 6. A lower level commercial paper shredder will do just fine. As stated above there may be times where you choose to purchase one for extra security as a personal preference, but mid-level shredders are great for a mix of security and functionality. For papers that are not sensitive at all, but need to be disposed of you can go with a low level shredder.

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