No Need to Scrub Away With An Industrial Floor Scrubber!

Commercial floor scrubbers

Do you have a large industrial space that requires regular cleaning or scrubbing down? It can be a huge pain to have cleaners come in and try to tackle such a large space, especially if it has to be done every single day. Not cleaning regularly can prove to be a safety hazard and one that could potentially cost your company a lot of money, if an employee or guest falls, slips, or trips and decides to sue. So what’s the solution here? One option to look at is an industrial floor scrubber — there are all different types that can handle cleaning tile, concrete, and more. Some may be be electrically powered and some of the larger ones you can even ride on and steer, much like a tractor.
What’s the Danger?
Improper cleaning (like sudsing down a space and then hosing it down afterward) can leave sticky residue or potentially slippery surfaces. The warehousing and storage industries see around 15,000 injuries and illnesses every year, says the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some of these illnesses or injuries could well come from not properly cleaned and hygienic working spaces or from improperly cleaned working spaces. You lose money too, when your employees are hurt — slips, trips, and falls are prime reasons behind almost 95 million work days that were taken off. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Labor reports that slips, trips, and falls make up a high percentage of just general industry accidents — responsible for almost a quarter of all accidental deaths every year.
So How Does An Industrial Floor Scrubber Come Into Play?
Commercial floor scrubbers can cover wide areas quickly and efficiently. It clears out built up dust or grime off floors easily — no more elbow grease required to make your floors squeaky clean! Most industrial floor scrubbers can handle cleaning ramps and even steps too, so you’re not just limited to level spaces. Certain types of floor scrubbers use less water and fewer chemicals in their cleaning solutions, so if you’re environmentally conscious,, that may be another option to look in to when considering your purchase.
Even more importantly, most floor scrubbers come equipped with a squeegee like drying application that gets the water and chemicals off the cleaned surface, making it safe for your employees and visitors. No more worry about slips or trips! Floor scrubbers have also come a long way — many are very compact, while still having a large gallon capacity and are also fairly quiet. No more rumbling or groaning as your floor scrubber makes its rounds!
Even though a high quality industrial floor scrubber can cost in the thousands of dollars range, it’s a one-time purchase and may save you a bundle on hiring an industrial cleaning team coming in every night. It will take less time and labor to operate the floor scrubber than it will for individuals to come and clean your space.
Make your life and your budget easier by getting an industrial floor scrubber. You’ll make a cleaner and safer work environment for everyone!

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