Never Worry About Your Upper Level Management Again With Executive Staffing Agency

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Perhaps one of the biggest challenges facing companies today is — surprisingly enough — keeping their employees, especially those in key leadership positions. Almost 60% of businesses say keeping employees is a huge problem. Business loyalty isn’t as strong as it used to be and many people go from company to company, looking for better opportunities, growth, better pay, and better benefits. It makes sense in one way — you want your career to benefit you in the best way possible. However, for businesses who hire talented individuals only to see them leave shortly thereafter, it can be very discouraging and a drain on the human resources side, in terms of recruiting. One great way to lessen that stress is to look at an executive placement agency.
What Is An Executive Placement Agency?
An executive placement agency helps your business deal with the HR executive search. It’ll take less of a toll on your existing human resource staffing and can help with talent acquisition for a reasonable price. It specifically looks for candidates that are specialized in a certain position, like senior or executive level management titles. In some cases, these agencies may even try and recruit employees working at competing businesses! The agency then acts as the middleman to negotiate for the business — sussing out whether the person would be interested in moving jobs, if he or she is currently employed, and then carrying out any screening, interviewing, negotiations, and the contract of employement, itself.
Who Might Be Best Qualified To Be Hired From An Executive Placement Agency?
Millenials are a particularly strong choice for such agencies to draw from. Not only are they comprising more and more of the current workforce, they also have less loyalty to their existing company and could potentially be drawn into a competing company. Indeed, less than 30% of current Millenials feel that their full range of skills are being utilized by their current company. And around 65% of market-based Millenials said they’d like to try and make executive level within their company, especially among men.They prefer a collaborative work agreement, which can make them better employers themselves.
How Do I Keep My Employees Once They’ve Been Hired?
Once you’ve been through the hiring gamut, you’re sure to not want to have to go through another human resources executive search anytime soon! You want your management and top levels to stay relatively stable, since that encourages more stability throughout the rest of the company as well. Being good to your employees and making sure that they feel valued is key to keeping them around, as are good benefits, a competitive rate of pay (with bonuses and extra compensation thrown in), as well as a good work culture. You’ll want to be attentive to their suggestions and needs, and find people who are truly passionate about the work you do. If you can manage that, you’re sure to grow a loyal and smart group of people who do great things for your business.

Consider using a staffing agency for your next executive level hiring to simplify your life and that of your HR team!

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