Need a New Career? Plastics Recruiters Are Looking For You!

Sensors and controls

andnbsp; andnbsp; andnbsp; andnbsp; andnbsp; Are you bored with your job? Are you looking for a new career? Do you just need a change? Try looking around at executive search firms to get the best fit for you. Employing 79,000 people the flexible packaging industry is an unique industry and plastics recruiters are always looking for suitable recruits.

The Plastics Industry

andnbsp; andnbsp; andnbsp; andnbsp; andnbsp; While you may have an image of a favorite childhood building block in your head when you hear the word plastic, you may not think about flexible packaging found in many retail items. With $26.7 billion in sales in 2012 in the United States alone, the flexible packaging industry is the second largest packaging sector in the U.S. What is flexible packaging? Think of that clamshell container of product you purchased at your local grocer or the thin bag surrounding bite sized pieces of candy or even that bottle holding your beverages and condiments. Totaling 58% of demand, the food industry is the largest market for flexible plastics.

Jobs Plastic Recruiters Have For You

andnbsp; andnbsp; andnbsp; andnbsp; andnbsp; With much of the manufacturing done by robotics in today’s technology filled world, it can be hard to imagine what a human can do in a packaging industry. Electronic security is becoming increasingly important for all companies due to their heavy reliance on computer-based data. Computer savvy individuals are incredibly valuable with the influx of hackers. Maybe computers aren’t your forte; then perhaps keeping track of the sensors and controls of the machines may better fit your needs. If you’re more hands on or prefer to move around on the job then material handling may be better for you. Transporting raw materials from job site to job site, bringing completed products to customers, or even handling materials around the warehouse or factory may be just what you’re looking for. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average week for a production employee weighs in at 41 hours at $24.64 an hour. Plastics recruiters can give much more personalized information in this competitive market.

andnbsp; andnbsp; andnbsp; andnbsp; andnbsp; No matter whether you’re bored with your career or unemployed, plastics recruiters are ready for you. Working with such a versatile product (that many don’t give a second thought to) deserves a chance as a career. With so many options, and many with good pay, why haven’t you contacted your local recruitment firm yet?

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